Covid - 19 Safety Measures

Please see the safety measures below that we have implemented here at The County to ensure customer and staff safety. We would like to you remind you that this is a live document and will be updated in line with government guidelines.

The safety and well-being of our staff, guests and suppliers is our number one priority and it is for this reason we will be implementing and following the current Government Guidelines.

We all have a responsibility to continue to observe these guidelines and therefore no guests, staff or suppliers should be on site if they have any of the symptoms of COVID-19.

All signage displayed must be read and adhered too.

In response to the last government announcement regarding the new 'Rule of 6' and it's enforcement by law and fines, we will be making specific changes to our operation with the minimum of compromise to our guest care and service that we provide. 



Please remember our staff are required to ensure customers follow the rules and should not be made to feel uncomfortable for doing so. The managements decision is final.


- We will not allow more than 6 people to gather inside or outside the premises unless you are part of a larger household or have formed a single adult support bubble in line with government guidance on support bubbles the correct guidance on this can be found by clicking here. **TEMP RESTRICTIONS INTRODUCED ON 18th SEPTEMBER ONLY PERMIT SAME HOUSEHOLD AND SUPPORT BUBBLE TO INTERACT.


- Tables and chairs must not be moved.


- We will not serve any customer that comes to the bar. We have an online ordering site and will serving at the table only, this obviously creates more work for staff and your patience is expected if you choose not to use the ordering site.


- The one way system must be followed when entering and leaving the premises. The only two exceptions are customers with walking difficulties and staff (who will be wearing visors) when delivering drinks to outside tables.


- You must wait at the barriers inside the front door for a member of staff to assist you. 


- You must refrain from talking to people you may know who are sat at other tables and not form larger groups.


- We will close at 22:00 until further notice. 

The below has been developed in connection with our Risk Assessment.

Social Distancing

  • It is the responsibility all staff within the business as well as guests to follow Government Guidelines with regards to social distancing.  This information will be displayed and amended in line with the latest Government Guidelines. Management will provide reminders and checks to ensure this is adhered to.

  • We will be following guidelines on social gatherings and will not make any allowances that deviate away from this.

  • Face masks will be available upon request from behind the bar.

  • Screens will be placed if required where social distancing isn’t possible – eg. At the till.

  • Chairs and tables have been deliberately placed for social distancing. Please do not move tables without management approval.

  • Customers collecting Takeaway orders will be required to wear a face covering unless they are exempt.

Cleaning and Sensitisation

  • Staff will be required to sanitise all surfaces and touch points frequently.

  • Where appropriate PPE will be provided to all staff as well as instructions on how to use it.

  • Hand sanitation stations will be available at entrances, exits and other key areas for staff and guests to use.

  • Magazines and leaflets will be removed from public areas and issued for single use upon request.

  • Signage will be displayed in toilets advising of the correct hand washing procedures.

Bar & Restaurant

  • Social distancing measures will be implemented when allocating tables across the restaurant. Bookings will be taking in line with current social distancing and meeting guidelines.

  • Guests will be given the option to sit further away from others if they wish.

  • We will operate a one-way system through the restaurant. Entry via the main entrance and departure via the cark park entrance. Guests that can’t manage the stairs will still be able to depart via the main entrance however staff will ask customers to keep an appropriate distance while this happens. Please remind guests who smoke not to return through exit door but to enter back through front door. Staff delivering drinks to outside tables will also be able to use the front door.

  • Table reservations will need to be made in advance and dining times adhered to. This will include walk ins. Walk-in guests will also have to provide information appropriate for track and trace.

  • Menus will be single use. Guests will be requested to order via their own device wherever possible.

  • Outside dining will be offered, weather permitting.

  • Additional hand wash facility to be provided in the kitchen for waiting staff to wash hands so that the need for staff to go behind the bar is reduced.

  • Straws are available however they are now all individually wrapped.

  • Staff will wear face visors when attending to tables.

  • Tables will remain unset, cutlery will be brought to the table by staff once an order has been processed.

  • Salt & Pepper pots will be sanitised after each use.

  • Hand wash and sanitiser to be used after money transactions in line with guidelines to reduce risk to staff.

  • Card machine transactions contactless where possible, customers are to be responsible for inserting and removing their own card. Machine to be sanitised after each use. Cash payments will still be accepted.

  • Dessert menus to be sanitised after every use.  


  • We recommend access to the toilets be limited to 2 people.

  • Toilet seat sanitiser spray will be available in each cubicle for guest use.

  • Other surfaces will be sanitised regularly by staff.

  • Guidelines on washing of hands will be displayed in the toilets.

Guest Accommodation

  • Rooms will be deep cleaned after each guest departure

  • Housekeeping staff will be required to wear PPE equipment when cleaning the rooms.

  • For multiple night stays we will leave sufficient towels and refreshments in the rooms and we will not ‘refresh’ rooms.

  • Restaurant staff will periodically clean touch points in the B&B public areas.

  • Cups and Cutlery in rooms will continue to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised.

  • All extra bedding to be removed from rooms and will be available upon request.

  • All rooms will be cleaned using antiviral disinfectant and sanitiser.

  • External contractors for hotel linen have increased their measures and are washing laundry at higher temperatures and using stronger chemicals to kill any virus.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available in guest bedrooms.

  • Guests to be asked to minimise contact with surfaces in public areas – and will be discouraged from using the lounge.

  • Guest to leave keys in the rooms on departure and HK to sanitise before returning to the box.

  • The buffet element of the breakfast will still be available however this should be taking as an order and not help yourself. Water bottles & glasses should be placed on tables. Milk and Orange to be poured by staff.

  • Take Away options will be available in guest bedrooms – cutlery and plates to be available.

Our Staff Safety and Wellbeing

  • Staff training will be delivered and recorded to include COVID-19 policies and procedures.

  • All staff will be provided with PPE where appropriate. Including face visors, aprons and gloves.

  • Staff to adhere to hygiene starts at home guideline and arrive to work in best condition for work.

  • Additional hand washing procedures and records to be introduced.

  • Mental health care is important to us and we always want staff to know we have an open door policy for any and all concerns if they need any help at all. We also have online support for any concerns to COVID ask for details.

  • ALL staff must also make sure they are fit to work, if any staff member is showing any symptoms of COVID – they must immediately inform their manager and stay at home following the stay at home guidelines in isolation.



We will provide accurate and timely information to our staff, guests and suppliers via the most effective platforms including updating this document on a regular basis, newsletters, social media and meetings where appropriate. All relevant documentation within the business will direct people to this webpage for the most up to date information and guidance.

Updated: 18/09/20

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