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Sustainability Statement

The County Restaurant Ltd recognizes that it has a responsibility to the environment beyond legal and regulatory requirements. It is committed to reducing the impact on the environment through good practices and take such measures to ensure our ethos and values are not compromised.

It is our commitment to work towards reducing adverse impacts on our environment by considering the sources of our food and drink purchasing. From local suppliers, who are also committed to sustainable practices ensures we can promote our product offerings not limited to food loss and waste, nutritional health, animal welfare and plant health. Sourcing food from suppliers locally to reduce food miles and increase our offering of seasonal menus, select fresh and pre-prepared produce grown and processed locally.

This policy is applied to all aspects of the business and in particular;

  1. Ensuring that all applicable environmental legislation and requirements are complied with

  2. Recycling where applicable

  3. Maintaining equipment

  4. Energy efficient lighting and appliances

  5. Work to reduce single use plastics
    - By Providing glass bottled water in rooms
    - Offering tap water to tables

  6. Raising employees’ awareness of their responsibilities in their work and their role in ensuring policies are implemented

  7. Setting and monitoring targets for continuous improvement within our control


The County Restaurant Ltd will review this statement annually to ensure it remains applicable to the activities of our restaurant and hotel as well as maintaining balance of our commitments to the environment without compromising our high standards and the comfort and expectation of our guests.

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